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Book - Introduction to the Libertarian Party

Book - Introduction to the Libertarian Party

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Book - Introduction to the Libertarian Party, by Wes Benedict, former Executive Director of the Libertarian Party. 120 pages.

Many books describe libertarianism, the philosophy, but very few describe the Libertarian political party! Introduction to the Libertarian Party includes plenty of information about the structure, history, and activities of the Libertarian Party. Written by Wes Benedict, former executive director of both the Libertarian Party of Texas and the Libertarian National Committee. Benedict gives a plainspoken and realistic assessment of the current standing of the Libertarian Party, along with suggestions for how libertarians can become valuable Libertarian Party activists.

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Introduction How I found the Libertarian Party
1 Don’t hit people and don’t take their stuff
2 What is a Libertarian?
3 Libertarians on 25 issues
4 What does a libertarian government look like?
5 Are libertarians too extreme?
6 Republican hypocrites
7 Democratic hypocrites
8 How many Libertarians are there?
9 The Libertarian Party Platform
10 The World’s Smallest Political Quiz
11 History of the Libertarian Party
12 How the Libertarian Party is organized
13 How I won my first county chairman position!
14 Turning around the dysfunctional Texas Libertarian Party
15 Why run for office as a Libertarian?
16 Life cycle of a Libertarian campaign
17 How to donate and volunteer
18 Are Libertarians wasting their votes?
19 The libertarian movement outside the Libertarian Party
20 Famous libertarians
21 Libertarian infighting
22 Libertarian PACs: where millionaires should donate
23 Hope for the future

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